Welcome to

Our Mission To expose the students around the area on STEM and to reveal the hidden talents of each person.

Our Vision Our vision is to show the capability of Thai engineering at its best and emphasize the creativity of our members.

Our Key Values

Work as a team, think as a team.

A team cannot operate without a team, and an effective team needs to be open-minded and creative in their own ways.

Think logically!

We care about being right and it often takes reasoning from first principles to get there.

Gracious professionalism

A slogan by the FIRST robotic. The pinnacle of being a good player.

Situational flexibility

We aim to be prepared for every situation posted in the unforeseeable future.


We had already won at the moment we are at the field.
By just being in the competition, we had already won the grand prize of the competition, experiences.

The true meaning

“Once a GEARS always a GEARS.”, NC GEARS.